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In order to ensure the rollout of the new Monitoring System, Intralot Gaming Services (IGS) requests that Venue Operators do the following:
  • Provide Readiness Notification regarding the availability of Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs) and any other items agreed in the Rollout Plan.
  • Ensure that a Physical Telecommunications (PSTN) line is available for remote connection with the Monitoring System.
  • Ensure that an Internet connection is in place.
  • Ensure that pre-installed Monitoring Equipment at the Gaming Venue has not been affected by EGM moves/adds/changes in the time between installation and commissioning.
  • Co-operate with IGS in a manner that is consistent with the procedures set out in the Monitoring Venue Services Agreement.
  • Provide all reasonable information and assistance to IGS for the Gaming Venue transition activities, and any required troubleshooting or maintenance.
  • Promptly notify IGS through its Help Desk of any problems or incidents identified in the Monitoring System operation.


A series of preparatory activities for each Gaming Venue needs to take place before the Rollout and Commissioning of the new Monitoring System at the Venue:


  • Enter into a Venue Monitoring Service Agreement with the Venue Operator, including Jackpot Administration Services Agreement and Trust Deed.
  • Perform a Site Survey and develop Installation Plan for each Gaming Venue.
  • Examine the required interfaces with any Jackpot Displays
  • Disseminate to the Venue Operator the operational process/ procedures for the transition to the new Monitoring System.


  • Perform all required EGM decommissioning activities in the Legacy Systems (e.g. take a last EGM meter "snapshot").
  • Disconnect the EGMs from the existing venue LAN / interface boards and connect them with the new Monitoring System LAN / interface boards.
  • Provide on-site high-level hands-on training to the venue operating staff.


The timeframe below is a daily system cycle for the Monitoring System. It should be used as an indication only. 8am
  • Gaming Venue opens – EGM and SC and Terminal Verification (signature check)
  • EGMs are activated by the Monitoring System
  • Continuous Monitoring (Venue Data/Event and Transactions Collection)
  • Jackpot Operation and Monitoring
  • Gaming Venue Closing Time – EGMs are blocked and turned off, Site Controller remains operational
  • Daily Snapshot
  • End-of-Day data collection
  • Data Processing
    • Net Meters Calculation
    • Meter Exceptions Handling
    • Derivative Meters – Gross Machine Profit (GMP) Calculation
  • Data Warehouse Synchronization
  • Export and Interfacing to the Commission
  • Archiving
  • Daily Accounting and Report Generation
  • Report Posting

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